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Who we are

Aurora Land Services, LLC is a title company contracting Landmen. We provide a variety of services including project management, educational training and support and title examination.

Aurora services brokerage firms, acquisition firms, law firms, as well as oil and gas companies, wind energy companies, electric companies and others.

Aurora Land Services, LLC was developed to create an educated, structured workforce as well as to relieve the potential “conflict of interest.” It is our goal to assist brokerage companies to ensure quality, cost effective solutions. Our “efficiency based” workforce of contract landmen do not buy oil and gas leases and provide title work only.

Our Services

Service Area

Service Area

Aurora Energy Solutions has experience throughout the Rocky Mountain West and is open to opportunities throughout North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas.  We will examine additional regions and projects as the opportunities present themselves.



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